Top 15 List of Comics Submitted to CGC for Grading (Week of July 2nd, 2024)

What comics are sending a buzz through the collecting community this week? Here are the top 15 comics submitted to CGC (Comic Guaranty Company) for grading for the week of July 2,2024. From highly anticipated first appearances to iconic character milestones, this list offers a glimpse into the trends shaping the collector market and could hold the key to unearthing your next prized possession. Buckle up and get ready to discover comics with investment potential, nostalgic blasts from the past, and hidden gems waiting to be unearthed!

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man 2 Third Printing (2011, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 292 copies this week, the continued popularity of Ultimate Spider-Man is strong!
  2. Yaira 1 (2024, Rippaverse Comics)

    • Up 253 copies this week, featuring the first appearance of Stephanya, Yanessa, Yantoni, and Magus Nuummite.
  3. Yaira 1 Variant Cover B (2024, Rippaverse Comics)

    • Up 252 copies this week and similar to #2, the first appearances are likley what’s behind these submissions.
  4. Wolverine Limited Series 1 (1982, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 143 copies this week, the first solo Wolverine comic, Nuff Said!
  5. Batman/Superman: World’s Finest 19 Mora Variant Cover (2023, D.C. Comics)

    • Up 129 copies this week. This variant cover features a “Nicolas Cage” homage, which could be appealing to fans of the actor or those who enjoy unique covers.
  6. X-Men 1 Special Collectors Edition (1991, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 73 copies this week. This comic features the first appearance of the Acolytes, a group of mutants with a strong connection to Magneto. Additionally, it has a double gatefold cover and no ads, making it a more premium collectible.
  7. Deadpool 1 Mercado Variant Cover (2024, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 68 copies this week. Deadpool’s immense popularity makes any new issue with his first appearance potentially valuable. This variant cover by Mercado might be a good investment for Deadpool fans.
  8. Wolverine: Facsimile Edition 1 Foil Edition (2024, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 53 copies this week. This is a facsimile edition with a foil cover, replicating the first Wolverine comic (#1, 1988). Facsimiles can be collectible, especially for fans who might not be able to afford the original issue.
  9. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8 (1984, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 52 copies this week. This comic features the origin of the symbiote that eventually becomes Venom.
  10. Crossover 6 (2021, Image Comics)

    • Up 50 copies this week. While the reason for this specific issue’s popularity isn’t readily apparent, there could be a story arc or character development that has driven interest.
  11. New Mutants 98 (1991, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 49 copies this week. 1st appearance of Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Nuff Said!
  12. Spider-Man 1 Silver Edition (1990, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 47 copies this week. This might be a more affordable option for collectors who want a classic Spider-Man story.
  13. Wonder Woman ’77 1 (2015, D.C. Comics)

    • Up 43 copies this week. This comic ties into the popular Wonder Woman television show from the 1970s and might be a good choice for fans of that era.
  14. Tales of Mother F. Goose nn Conner Variant Cover (2021, AfterShock Comics)

    • Up 41 copies this week. This variant cover by Amanda Conner is a homage to the movie poster for “Pulp Fiction” and could be appealing to fans of the film or those who enjoy unique covers.
  15. Amazing Spider-Man 300 (1988, Marvel Comics)

    • Up 40 copies this week. This comic features the origin and first full appearance of Venom (Eddie Brock).

There you have it!  Remember, the most valuable comics are often the ones that hold a special place in your heart. Happy collecting!

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