Top 15 List of Comics Submitted to CGC for Grading (Week of May 19th, 2024)

This week, collectors sent a diverse selection of comics to CGC for grading, with a mix of modern first appearances, high-demand variants, and key back issues. Here’s a breakdown of the top 15 submissions and why they might be hot right now:

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man 1 (2024, Marvel Comics): No surprises here
  2. Spawn 1 (1992, Image Comics): The first appearance of Spawn remains a cornerstone of the Image Comics era and a perennial favorite for collectors.
  3. Wolverine 1 (1988, Marvel Comics): Wolverine’s first solo comic and his “Patch” persona are significant moments in the character’s history.
  4. X-Men 1 (1991, Marvel Comics): The first appearance of the Acolytes and the iconic four-cover image make this a desirable X-Men issue.
  5. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8 (1984, Marvel Comics): This issue features the origin of the symbiote that becomes Venom, a major Spider-Man villain
  6. Batman: Facsimile Edition 181 (2023, D.C. Comics): The first appearance of Poison Ivy.
  7. Wolverine Limited Series 1 (1982, Marvel Comics): 1st solo Wolverin comic. Yukio cameo on last page
  8. New Mutants 98 (1991): This issue boasts the first appearances of Deadpool and Domino, making it highly sought-after by fans.
  9. Ghost-Spider 2 Mexican Edition/El Quinto Mundo Edition (2024, Panini Mexico): This unique variant with a foil cover could be a desirable collectible for fans of Spider-Gwen.
  10. Amazing Spider-Man 252 (1984): Ties with Marvel Team-Up for the first appearance of Spider-Man’s black costume.
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 100 Mexican Edition/Momoko Variant cover (2024, Kamite): This “Death of Splinter” variant by Peach Momoko is likely sought-after due to the artist’s popularity and the variant’s limited nature.
  12. Amazing Spider-Man 43 East Side Comics Edition (2024, Marvel Comics): This limited edition variant could be a valuable addition for Spider-Man collectors.
  13. Uncanny X-Men 266 (1990): This issue features the full first appearance of Gambit, a popular X-Men character.
  14. Spider-Man 1 Silver Edition (1990): This classic cover with a Lizard appearance could be a great addition for Spider-Man collectors.
  15. Star Wars: Yoda 6 Okazaki Variant Cover (2023, Marvel Comics): This 1:25 variant by artist Takeshi Okazaki might be a hot collectible due to the artist’s fame and the enduring popularity of Star Wars.

Additional Notes:

  • The availability of graded copies (census numbers) and the overall market trends can also influence why collectors choose to submit specific comics for grading.

Remember, this is just a snapshot of the current market. Always do your own research before submitting comics for grading.

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