Top 15 List of Comics Submitted to CGC for Grading (Week of May 7th, 2024)

This week, CGC saw a surge in submissions featuring both classic and hot new releases. Let’s dive into the top 15 and explore why collectors might be eager to get these comics graded:

  1. Wolverine Limited Series 1 (1982, Marvel Comics): The first solo Wolverine comic holds a special place in collectors’ hearts. With a Yukio cameo on the last page, this key issue could be fetching high prices in high grades.
  2. TMNT: The Last Ronin II Re-Evolution 1 BNG/ISH “Virgin” Edition (2024, IDW Publishing): This is a Hot New Issue folks are betting on, with a staggering 11,500% increase, it’s clear collectors are hot on this variant.
  3. Spawn 350 Employee Edition (2024, Image Comics): A special edition not available to the public, this Employee Edition could be a valuable piece for Spawn fans and collectors of exclusive variants.
  4. Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance 1 Convention Edition (2024, Marvel Comics): This edition features a “virgin” foil cover of a beloved character, Ghost Rider. “Virgin” covers often hold more value for collectors due to their rarity.
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2023, Pure Silver Foil): This special edition with a silver foil cover commemorates a recent storyline. As a first issue with a unique cover, collectors might be looking to preserve this piece in top condition.
  6. TMNT: The Last Ronin II Re-Evolution 1 BNG/ISH Edition (2024, IDW Publishing): Another entry from the popular “Last Ronin” series, this standard edition might be getting graded due to the overall popularity of the storyline.
  7. Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees 1 Cowabunga Comics Edition (2024, IDW Publishing): This homage cover to the classic “Where the Wild Things Are” could be attracting collectors due to its unique artistic connection.
  8. X-Men 26 Ross Variant Cover (2023, Marvel Comics): A “virgin” cover variant by Alex Ross, a superstar artist, is likely driving submissions for this X-Men issue.
  9. Ultimate X-Men 1 (2024, Marvel Comics): The first issue of a new “Ultimate” series reboot might be getting graded in anticipation of the series’ potential success.

10 (tie). Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8 (1984, Marvel Comics): This classic issue features the first appearance of the alien symbiote that eventually becomes Venom. With Venom’s continued popularity, collectors might be seeking to preserve their copies.

10 (tie). X-Men 1 (1991, Marvel Comics): This X-Men issue features the first appearance of the Acolytes and has four variant covers that combine to form one large image. Collectors might be getting graded copies to ensure they have a complete set of the variants.

  1. Star Wars 1 (1977, Marvel Comics): The first part of the classic Star Wars movie adaptation in comic form could be getting graded due to the enduring popularity of the franchise.
  2. Amazing Spider-Man 252 (1984, Marvel Comics): This issue ties with another comic for the first appearance of the black costume Spider-Man. The homage cover to Amazing Fantasy #15 might also be a factor.
  3. New Mutants 98 (1991, Marvel Comics): The first appearance of Deadpool, nuff said.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man 300 (1988, Marvel Comics): The origin and first full appearance of Venom is a major draw for collectors.

Which one is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.

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