Ka-Pow! Boom! Bam! The Top 15 Best-Selling Comics of All Time!

Have you ever wondered which comics were the best-selling ever? Well, grab your longboxes, because we’re diving into the mighty dollar bin of history to reveal the Top 15 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time!

This list is based on reported sales figures, and it’s a fascinating mix of modern mega-hits and iconic back issues.  We’ve got superhero staples like Superman and Spider-Man, groundbreaking graphic novels like Watchmen, and even a few surprises!

  1. X-Men #1 (1991): With a reported 8,186,500 copies sold, this X-Men issue holds the record for the best-selling American comic book.
  2. X-Force #1 (1991): Another X-Men title cracks the top two! X-Force #1 follows closely behind with a reported 5,000,000 copies sold.
  3. Adventures of Superman #500 (1993): This Superman milestone issue raked in a reported 4,200,000 copies sold.
  4. Superman #75 (1993): The Death of Superman comes in at 3,000,000 copies sold.
  5. Spider-Man #1 (1990): Web-slinging into the top five, this Spidey debut sold a reported 2,500,000 copies.
  6. Spawn #1 (1992): Image Comics makes its first appearance with this creator-owned title hitting a reported 1,700,000 copies sold.
  7. Star Wars #1 (2015): The relaunch of Star Wars comics under Marvel brought a galaxy far, far away to a new generation, selling a reported 1,073,000 copies.
  8. Marvel Comics #1 (1939): This anthology comic featuring the debut of the Human Torch has a reported 880,000 copies sold.
  9. Fantastic Four #60 (2002): This anniversary issue with a variant cover by superstar artist Jim Lee sold a reported 752,699 copies.
  10. Batman: The 10 Cent Adventure #1 (2002): Another special priced comic book to make the list, this Batman tale sold a reported 702,126 copies.
  11. The Death of Superman (Collected Edition) (1993): This trade paperback collecting the iconic “Death of Superman” storyline is a massive seller, capitalizing on the popularity of the event. Sales figures aren’t available, but estimates place it over 1 million copies sold.
  12. The Dark Knight Returns (1986): This graphic novel by Frank Miller is a dark and gritty reimagining of Batman that has been incredibly influential. While exact sales figures are unknown, it is estimated to have sold over 1 million copies.
  13. Watchmen (1986-1987): This critically acclaimed limited series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons is a deconstruction of the superhero genre that is considered one of the greatest graphic novels ever written. Sales figures aren’t available, but estimates place it over 1 million copies sold.
  14. Batman: Hush (2002-2003): This popular Batman story by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee is estimated to have sold over 1 million copies.
  15. Batman: Killing Joke (1988): This graphic novel by Alan Moore explores the origins of the Joker and his relationship with Batman. It is a dark and disturbing story that has been highly influential

Of course, sales figures don’t tell the whole story. Many of the comics on this list are also critically acclaimed and culturally significant. From the dark brilliance of The Dark Knight Returns (1986) to the deconstruction of the superhero genre in Watchmen (1986-1987), these comics have left an undeniable mark on the industry.

So, how many of these best-sellers do you have in your collection?  Are there any surprising entries on the list? Share your thoughts and your own comic collecting experiences in the comments below!

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