Gear Up for Free Comic Book Day 2024: A Glimpse into the Free Comics!

Mark your calendars, comic collectors! Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is this Saturday May 4th. Participating comic book stores as well as some libraries will be giving away a selection of free comics, offering a fantastic chance to discover new series, revisit old favorites, and introduce friends and family to the wonderful world of comics. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the enticing titles you can expect to snag on FCBD 2024, with synopses found from around the web:

  • FCBD 2024 UNICORN CRUSH: The title hints at a magical story about a young girl and her love for unicorns.FCBD 2024 UNICORN CRUSH
  • THE WORLDS OF JAMES TYNION IV: This comic will likely showcase a collection of stories written by comic book writer James Tynion IV. (Look out for potential collectability depending on the stories included)FCBD 2024 THE WORLDS OF JAMES TYNION IV
  • HELLBOY STRANGER THINGS (BUNDLES OF 20): Brace yourselves for a thrilling mashup as Hellboy and the crew from Stranger Things collide in this interdimensional adventure! (Potential for collectability depending on the story) FCBD 2024 HELLBOY STRANGER THINGS (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • FCBD 2024 JONNY QUEST: Join Jonny Quest, Hadji, Bandit, and Race for action and adventure in this all-ages comic based on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon. FCBD 2024 JONNY QUEST
  • TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (BUNDLES OF 20): Everyone’s favorite shell-shocked heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are back for a free comic book adventure!FCBD 2024 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • ENERGON UNIVERSE SPECIAL: Transformer fans can explore the world of Energon in this special FCBD issue.FCBD 2024 ENERGON UNIVERSE SPECIAL
  • ULTIMATE UNIVERSE SPIDER-MAN #1 (BUNDLES OF 20): Swing into action with a new adventure featuring the web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man, from the Ultimate Universe. (Look out for potential collectability depending on the story)FCBD 2024 ULTIMATE UNIVERSE SPIDER-MAN #1 (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • BLOOD HUNT X-MEN #1 (BUNDLES OF 20): Dive into a mutant mystery in this free X-Men comic, potentially setting the stage for a new storyline. (Look out for potential collectability depending on the story’s significance)FCBD 2024 BLOOD HUNT X-MEN #1 (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • FCBD 2024 DISNEYS ENCANTO & TURNING RED NEW ADV.: This special edition promises fresh stories featuring the beloved characters from Disney’s Encanto and Turning Red. Perfect for introducing young readers to comics.FCBD 2024 DISNEYS ENCANTO & TURNING RED NEW ADV
  • WITCHES OF BROOKLYN EXC #1: No synopsis available yet, but the title suggests an exciting story about witches. (Depends on the story’s reception)FCBD 2024 WITCHES OF BROOKLYN EXC #1
  • FCBD 2024 POKEMON ADV RUBY ALPHA SAPPHIRE & SPLATOO: Calling all Pokemon trainers! This free comic likely features adventures with Pokemon from Ruby, Sapphire, and Splatoon. FCBD 2024 POKEMON ADV RUBY ALPHA SAPPHIRE & SPLATTOON 3
  • Star Wars: Gear up for a Star Wars adventure!FCBD 2024 STAR WARS #1 (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • Monster High New Scaremester: Clawesome news for Monster High fans! This free comic will feature your favorite ghoulfriends.FCBD 2024 MONSTER HIGH (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • Maleficent: Explore the world of Maleficent in this free comic based on the popular Disney film.FCBD 2024 MALEFICENT #1
  • Doctor Who The Fifteenth Doctor Faces a Fearsome New Threat: The Doctor is in for a free comic book adventure!FCBD 2024 DOCTOR WHO FIFTEENTH DOCTOR
  • Street Fighter vs Final Fight #1: Dive into the worlds of Street Fighter and Final fight in this free comic featuring legendary fighters. FCBD 2024 STREET FIGHTER VS FINAL FIGHT #1
  • One Piece Aces Story & Status Royale: Calling all One Piece pirates! Set sail for adventure with a free One Piece comic.FCBD 2024 ONE PIECE ACES STORY & STATUS ROYALE
  • GANNIBAL (MR): No synopsis available yet, but this title hints at a dark and thrilling story. FCBD 2024 GANNIBAL
  • THE VALIANTS: No synopsis available yet, but The Valiants promises an exciting superhero adventure. (Look out for potential collectability depending on the story) FCBD 2024 THE VALIANTS
  • CURSEDVERSE BLIGHTED DAWN #1: Cursedverse: Blighted Dawn #1 sounds like the start of a new supernatural series. FCBD 2024 CURSEDVERSE BLIGHTED DAWN #1
  • SNOOPY BEAGLE SCOUT ADVENTURES: Everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy, is back for an all-ages adventure!FCBD 2024 SNOOPY BEAGLE SCOUT ADVENTURES
  • ULTRADUCK SAMPLER: Get a taste of the world of Ultraduck in this sampler comic. FCBD 2024 ULTRADUCK SAMPLER
  • TONS OF STRANGE: Featuring Charley & Humphrey, The Aquabats and Elizabeth’s Tale.FCBD 2024 TONS OF STRANGE
  • ARCHIE HORROR PRESENTS CURSED LIBRARY PRELUDE: Archie Comics takes a spooky turn with this prelude to their horror series.FCBD 2024 ARCHIE HORROR PRESENTS CURSED LIBRARY PRELUDE
  • STAR WARS PLANTS VS ZOMBIES (BUNDLES OF 20): Prepare for a botanical battle as Star Wars meets Plants vs. Zombies in this free comic.FCBD 2024 STAR WARS PLANTS VS ZOMBIES (BUNDLES OF 20)
  • MAD FCBD SPECIAL EDITION: Get your dose of wacky humor with a free MAD Magazine comic.
  • MARVEL & FANTAGRAPHICS PRSNT ATLAS COMICS: Marvel Comics teams up with Fantagraphics to present a collection of Atlas Comics stories.FCBD 2024 MARVEL & FANTAGRAPHICS PRSNTS ATLAS COMICS LIBRARY
  • INVESTIGATORS CLASS ACTION SNEAK PEAK: Get a sneak peek at the Investigators comic series with this free preview.FCBD 2024 INVESTIGATORS CLASS ACTION SNEAK PEAK
  • ROMEO VS JULIET KILL SHAKESPEARE ADV.: This title suggests a unique twist on the classic Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet.FCBD 2024 ROMEO VS JULIET KILL SHAKESPEARE ADV
  • Eye Lie Popeye: A new story featuring the spinach-loving sailor man Popeye.FCBD 2024 EYE LIE POPEYE #1
  • Dying Inside: Details about “Dying Inside” are scarce. It could be a dark and suspenseful story based on the title, but without more information, it’s difficult to say for sure.FCBD 2024 DYING INSIDE
  • Far Cry: Based on the popular video game franchise Far Cry. The games typically involve action-adventure stories set in open worlds, so the comic will likely feature a similar premise.FCBD 2024 FAR CRY CULL THE HERD #1
  • Marvel Voices #1: Marvel Voices is an anthology comic that often features stories by diverse creators and focuses on under-represented characters in the Marvel Universe. Issue #1 might be the first installment of a new series or a special one-shot introducing new stories or characters.FCBD 2024 MARVELS VOICES #1 (BUNDLES OF 20)

With options for superhero enthusiasts, all-ages readers, and those seeking something different, there’s truly something for everyone. So head down to your local comic book store on May 4th and celebrate the joy of comics! Happy Hunting!

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