25 Superheroes Who have Yet to be Venomized!

The Marvel Universe loves a good symbiote story, with Venom leading the charge in turning heroes and villains into monstrous or sometimes awesome goo-covered versions of themselves but what about the characters who’ve managed to avoid being Venomized so far? Here’s a look at 25 popular Marvel characters who have yet to be Venomized!

  1. Wolverine: Logan’s healing factor and adamantium skeleton would be a nightmare for any symbiote hoping for a permanent home.
  2. Iron Man: Symbiotes after a guy encased in a constantly evolving Iron Man suit? Yeah, good luck.
  3. Captain America: Steve Rogers’ unwavering willpower and inherent good nature might make him a hard sell for a symbiote’s amped-up aggression.
  4. Thor: The God of Thunder with Asgardian physiology? Maybe symbiotes just know better than to mess with a god.
  5. Captain Marvel: Her cosmic-powered physiology and immense energy output would likely clash with the symbiote’s influence.
  6. Silver Surfer: Surfing the spaceways on a surfboard of pure cosmic energy? Not exactly symbiote-friendly real estate.
  7. Black Panther: Vibranium suit and advanced tech? Not the most welcoming environment for a symbiote.
  8. Black Widow: These skilled fighters might be appealing targets, but their lack of “overt” superpowers could make them less interesting hosts.
  9. Hawkeye: Same for Hawkeye, his sharp skills might not be as appealing to a symbiote seeking a powerful host.
  10. Daredevil: Matt Murdock’s heightened senses might make the symbiote’s presence overwhelming.
  11. Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme’s mastery of magic and his formidable will probably make him a nightmarish host for a symbiote.
  12. Scarlet Witch: Another powerful mind, Wanda’s chaotic magic would likely be a recipe for disaster for any symbiote seeking control.
  13. Moon Girl: Her genius intellect might make her a challenge for a symbiote to control.
  14. Colossus: Organic metal skin? No thanks, says the symbiote.
  15. Iron Fist: His mystical chi might be incompatible with the symbiote’s more primal urges.
  16. Star-Lord: Leading the Guardians across the galaxy keeps him pretty busy, and who knows, maybe space symbiotes have different tastes?
  17. Blade: The symbiote might shy away from a skilled vampire hunter with a strong will.
  18. Vision: The symbiote would be hard-pressed to latch onto Vision’s constantly fluctuating synthetic flesh/Vibranium form.
  19. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan): Her shapeshifting abilities might make her an inconsistent host for a symbiote seeking permanence.
  20. She-Hulk: Similar to her cousin Bruce Banner, She-Hulk’s strength and radiating gamma energy might make her an unsuitable host.
  21. Ant-Man (Scott Lang): His size-changing abilities could make him an inconsistent host for a symbiote.
  22. Wasp: Hope’s bio-energy manipulation and insect wings would likely be a challenge for a symbiote.
  23. Jessica Jones: Her cynicism and general “leave-me-alone” vibe might not mesh well with the symbiote’s desire for a willing host.
  24. Black Cat: Felicia Hardy’s bad luck might extend to repelling any approaching symbiotes!
  25. Namor: The Sub-Mariner’s underwater kingdom and amphibian physiology might not be the most appealing environment for a symbiote.

That’s our list! 25 Marvel characters who, so far, have avoided the slimy embrace of a symbiote. But remember, the Marvel Universe thrives on surprises. While some of these characters have donned the inky black suit in alternate realities or “What If” stories, the mainstream continuity remains symbiote-free for them.

But hey, that doesn’t mean the future isn’t full of possibilities! Maybe a cosmic mishap will fling Captain America into the path of a rogue symbiote, or perhaps Doctor Strange’s mystical defenses will finally falter. One thing’s for sure, in the ever-expanding world of Marvel Comics, no character is truly safe from a good (or bad) dose of symbiote action. So, keep an eye out, true believers, the next symbiote saga could be just around the corner!

Did I miss one of your favorites or possibly get one wrong? Please let us know in the comments.

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